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Trimble ProjectSight

One Tool. Total Control.

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One tool. total control.

When it comes to project management, control is everything. ProjectSight unifies the field and the office with a single-source of collaboration and the latest plan sets and documentation. So everyone is working from the same playbook.

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powerful features

Collaborate through Conversation. Goodbye forms! The Team Conversations approach puts an end to paper-trail forensics that hold you back.

A Single-Source, Online and Offline. Whether it’s RFIs, Issues, Work-Orders or Submittals, everything starts and ends in one place—in the office or walking the site offline.

Annotate in Context. Add notes, comments, questions and images right on the drawings or model. This way, there’s no need for interpretation and assumption.

Unify the Team. Eliminate information silos that block visibility. ProjectSight ensures that team members have access to the information they need.

Powered by Trimble Connect. The 3D viewer provides authorized stakeholders with ready access to Building Information Models from a variety of sources.

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Drawings. The full screen drawing viewer with high-performance graphics makes it easy to find what you need. Collaboration is directly embedded in the drawing. No separate tabs or isolated functionality.

Models. Powered by Trimble Connect, the 3D viewer is capable of easy interaction with your Building Information Models from the browser. All design information is right there from a broad range of authoring platforms.

Team Collaboration

Goodbye Forms, Hello Conversations. Capture the status fast. Team Conversations keep all the notes together from multiple contributors. Easy to use, Team Conversations ensure that all members can contribute to a single source.

Put the Data in Context. Now, you’ll never need to ask, “Where?” It’s all right there. Conversations can be linked to both 2D drawings and 3D models to add clarity and confidence in decision-making.



Learn how to use portfolios, projects, and records to transform the way you manage your project data.


Learn Administration functionality available in ProjectSight Web, from creating a Portfolio and Project to adding and creating users and more.


Learn how the assignments work and how this process will assist you in working with records.


Learn how to create, search for, view, link and collaborate on RFIs.

Drawing Sets

Learn how to create, search for, view, link and collaborate on RFIs.


Learn how to view, search for, annotate (markup), link options and how to create a record directly from the drawing.

File library and sync for mobile

Learn how to view, share, add and download project files.


Learn how to view, search, create, assign, change workflow status and save project records.